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Factors affecting the valve casting dimensional accuracy

With foreign companies compete in the domestic market, valve casting, casting domestic competitive advantage fell significantly, in this case the domestic market requirements LFC casting enterprise quality must be improved, in which the lost foam casting dimensional accuracy requirements more stringent. Check this, the domestic valve castings business imperative is to do everything possible to improve the quality of China-made casting to improve casting dimensional accuracy.

In general, the factors affecting the dimensional accuracy of castings are many, such as casting the structure itself, affect the shape, size, foam quality, affect the paint coating, the casting process modeling, pouring part of the impact.

Throughout valve casting process, the casting process is one of the vital link, gating system, casting speed, casting temperature, pouring step four factors are key processes to improve the quality of castings, only continue to improve, continue to improve, in order to cast good quality precision castings.

Paints and coatings for precision castings also have a great impact, coating properties, coating thickness may affect the appearance of the size, which affects the dimensional accuracy of castings, the casting thus, the coating should have good performance, adequate strength, while linked coatings were applied procedure should be reasonable.

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