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Link inclusions produce castings

As we all know, inclusion is very important casting defects of one type, accounting for more than half of the total defects, such defects are likely to exist in all the casting, but with different severity of the defect control standard inclusion based primarily on casting performance, use may be, the more precision casting, casting harsh working conditions limit the inclusion of more stringent defect, such as pumps castings, engine castings, wind power castings, turbine casting, casting machine ......

Produce inclusions can be traced to a number of links the production of castings:

1, Burden: If severe corrosion or improper storage charge will make the inclusion of liquid metal content exceeded;

2, melting, solution treatment: inoculation, ball handling, processing, refining process, the process parameters such as inappropriate, improper handling can cause waste products into the liquid metal;

3, type, core sand intensity: If the core sand is not strong enough to resist the impact of high temperature molten metal, it will cause red sand;

4, secondary oxidation: As the structure of the pump casting gating system design or improper reason, in the casting process, molten metal splashes intense form secondary inclusions.