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Preparations in the valve castings

In order to ensure the smooth conduct of valve castings, ensure the quality of casting products to meet customer requirements, to carry out before casting work, a series of preparatory work should be carried out to check the work before the start is essential. Valve castings should do the following preparations:

1, the temperature control (Note to turn the process to determine the holding furnace temperature drop, online degassing tank, filter box and the front end of each casting trough point temperature control);

2, the flow of molten aluminum transfer note for each port, accident and incident orifice sealed box in place, capacity and dry conditions;

3. Transcription groove, casting trough, funnel (dispensing pouch), flow control raft, playing slag boxes and tool heating and drying conditions;

4, the drive control system includes a casting operation and the display case of hydraulic, instrumentation;

5, the position of the mold and smooth degree, placement and dummy heads and dry conditions (including lubrication);

6, cooling water temperature and debugging inspection conditions;

7, alloy production, process parameters confirm specifications, etc., which are cast each time work can not be ignored.