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Promote China's valve casting technology reasons for the increase

1, the outlet valve casting the strict quality requirements,

2, the domestic demand for high quality castings is increasing rapidly, such as the rapid development of the automotive industry, the rise of the wind power industry, etc.

3, foreign-owned, joint-venture enterprises casting of advanced and mature technology.

Wherein the filter technology in casting recent years has developed rapidly, the technology to reduce class inclusions, porosity type defects and improve the mechanical properties of the valve casting, machining performance have a significant role, casting more and more importance in enterprises. In the fifties of the last century it has been reported using filtering technology. Filtering technology has also undergone a process of development: the sixties began to use glass fiber filters, the end of seventy appeared porous filter 78 appeared ceramic foam filter out of the eighties honeycomb-type filter, filter technology applications the production of high-quality casting a very major means of technology, widely used in Western countries to give, our awareness of its importance has become increasingly profound.