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The basic process of grinding castings

In recent years, as the business development and market competition intensifies, the former co-processing plant from the outside of the casting has been unable to meet customer requirements. Since the grinding and returned quality problems caused by the transport of products often lead to greatly harm the company's image and credibility. Thus, the pump will need to cast the original polished clean by Subcontractor to change the way of independent processing. In order to achieve high-quality products to provide users with fast, we need to master the basic flow casting polished.

The basic process of grinding castings:

1, look at the drawings. In accordance with the requirements of the drawings, view the rough castings surface roughness compliance.

2, heat treatment. After QC inspection after the rough castings, shot blasting machine fork to throw early liquidation; casting blank after gouging the first welding and grinding after heat treatment and then check.

3, fine polishing. First cast after casting Phi seam and gate manually edges polished smooth, then fine polishing; after finishing the product as much as possible without further grinding.

Finally, to achieve clean-polished production line capable of normal operation, capable of processing a variety of parts, to ensure the quality of the purpose of production efficiency and product quality.