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The importance of packing the valve castings

Packing is one of the key parts of the valve casting products, in order to achieve a good sealing effect, one is packing their material, structure to meet the needs of medium conditions, and on the other hand it is reasonable to install and packing from stuffing consider the structure to ensure a reliable seal.

First, the filler own requirements: 1, to reduce the filler valve stem friction; 2, to prevent the filler valve stem and stuffing box corrosion; 3, to meet the needs of medium conditions.

Second, common fillers varieties: as for information on varieties under various working conditions of more than 40 species, and universal valve casting the most commonly used, but several or a dozen.

1, packing type: A, rubber asbestos packing: XS250F, XS350F, XS450F, XS550F; B, oil ban asbestos packing: YS450F, YS350F, YS450F; C, soaked PTFE asbestos packing; D, flexible graphite braided packing: the reinforced material of different temperature respectively 300 ℃, 450 ℃, 600 ℃, 650 ℃; E, PTFE braided packing; F, semi-metallic braided packing to clip stainless steel wire, copper asbestos as the core. Look with clip wire, stainless steel wire, Monel Ersi, solid Inconel Ersi asbestos braided together. The use according to the surface of graphite, mica, molybdenum disulfide lubricant processing. Also some asbestos as a core and coated with copper platinum lubricating graphite twisting system.