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Using filters in the casting advantage

In principle on the filter can be placed anywhere in the gating system, but the closer the better filtration pump casting, in order to prevent high pressure high temperature molten iron broken red filter to avoid sprue placed underneath. Since the filter of the filtration process and the role of spoiler in the portion of liquid metal mesh is blocked, filter area should be the primary runner area 3-4.

Bring the benefits of using the filter in the pump casting:

1, to reduce inclusion defects: can effectively reduce the number of inclusions, reduce, eliminate such waste.

2, to improve the mechanical properties: numerous experiments studies suggested reducing inclusions, improved mechanical properties of castings, in particular plastic.

3, to improve processing performance: the metal matrix to reduce the number of inclusions, can significantly improve the cutting tool life.

4, to improve technology export rate: Effective filtering to simplify complex casting system allows for the elimination of inclusions originally designed to improve process yield.