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Valve casting defects in the quality management

Today, society is the information age, the current valve castings made to adhere to innovation, product structure adjustment, but also in the strict quality management, a lot of flaws in the presence of many companies on quality management, the following is my list of points :

1. In the process more or less unnoticed.

2. Quality Management to implement not serious, serious.

3. The assembly process is so-so, it will build bubble, so a series of leak situation.

4. equipment behind, and some even over the life of the equipment, are still operating at full capacity.

Found their own shortcomings, it is not it should improve these shortcomings?

1. a clear mandate, familiar with the molding process, so that Taiwan can not afford to melons, live blocks and pads, must look at the shape of the plate, and a good brush release agent, ready to shape ago.

2. The inspection strictly implement quality standards, strict implementation of the inspection system, inspectors should drawings, technical documents examined make the right judgments, good waste management.

3. In the modeling process, carefully complete each step of the process, carefully check the check, after completion, must be cleaned and checked pattern is intact, returned to the specified location.

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