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Valve castings of energy-saving measures

To ensure that the valve casting industry, the successful completion of energy-saving goals, you need to do a good job in these two areas, one is the implementation of energy access for new enterprises, especially medium and small casting business; the second is to take effective energy efficiency of existing enterprises measures to eliminate backward production capacity. Wherein the existing valve casting enterprises in energy conservation as a top priority, the energy saving measures are as follows:

1, the recycling of waste heat. Full use of the cupola waste heat, waste heat can be used to heat water and life, so that the waste heat recovery rate of 80%, and improve energy efficiency.

2, for smelting equipment. Enterprises must be equipped with the capacity to match the smelting, refining, modeling, core sand processing, cleaning equipment; using sand casting technology companies to be equipped with sand reclamation, waste sand recycling equipment; promote the use of hot air, water, long continuous operation cupola; elimination of outdated equipment energy consumption, reduce energy consumption.

3, reduced scrap. It is calculated that the casting yield for each 1% increase in the production of liquid iron per ton more than about 8 ~ l0kg quality cast iron, coke saving 6 ~ 8kg, reduce the casting weight per 1%, can reduce energy consumption by about 1 to 2%. Causes from the enterprise point of view reflects the waste, mostly concentrated in the molten metal flow, porosity, size, cleaning and other defects can be improved by improving the dimensional accuracy of valve castings external conditions improve filling ability, using sand shape casting technology to reduce process waste .