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About Casting Purchasing Management Issues

(1) Choose a good pump castings supplier, resolutely eliminate poor-quality suppliers. Suppliers, many of them are old relationship, a bad water pump casting quality, but still continues to them orders, and some vendors because of old relations, and even they can not produce castings and pumps to subcontract factory and not identified some other foundries manufacture of these plants, whether technology or equipment is not in line with the requirements of the factory, and even hide these subcontracting sex, just from their own interests, casting quality is very poor, not only affect the water pump quality, but also seriously affect the sales delivery. We must resolutely eliminate some of the poor quality of the supplier, and may not be not recognized foundry factory processing orders, while looking good casting suppliers.

(2) on the pump price of castings and casting quality relationship. I personally think that the price of the pump casting principle should be competitive prices, excellent reissue. Pump is a kind of better efficiency of the products, the company should manage the potential, increase savings, creating a profit, if the profit on the casting wish to try to drive down prices, in the long term interests of the quality of our products is unfavorable.