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After Cooling, The Heat Transfer Characteristics Of The Non-metallic Castings

non-metallic. Non-metallic (generally refers to all sand) thermal conductivity than the thermal conductivity of the metal casting is much smaller, at the time of non-metallic casting solidification cooling, due to the small thermal conductivity of the mold, the casting is cooled slowly, its cross-section the temperature difference is small, the resistance is small. Similarly, the inner surface of the casting mold is heated to a high temperature, while the outer surface is still at a low temperature, the temperature difference on the large cross-section, i.e., the larger the thermal resistance. In this case, the casting and the temperature distribution on the mold section. Seen from the figure, the temperature difference between the mold and the casting section of the intermediate layer section on the temperature difference is relatively small in comparison, negligible. Therefore, it is considered in the whole process of heat conduction, the temperature distribution on the casting section is actually a uniform temperature in the mold close to the casting surface temperature. Therefore, when using sand casting, sand itself thermo-physical properties of the whole system is the main factor determining the heat exchange process, the cooling intensity depends on the casting mold thermal physical parameters, namely, the thermal resistance of the mold is to control the heat exchange links .