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Analysis Of Shrinkage On The Pump Casting Properties

Usually in the carbon equivalent equal, improve silicon-carbon ratio will increase the tendency to form ferrite, but for such a submersible pump casting small pieces of thin-walled, the silicon-carbon ratio increase, the tendency of ferrite appears tissues is not large, it will not affect its strength.

(1) linear shrinkage. Liquid-solid metal skeleton formed the higher the temperature, linear shrinkage start sooner, the longer the contraction time, the greater the linear shrinkage value. Under the same carbon equivalent, an increase of silicon-carbon ratio of the number of primary austenite increases so will the earlier form solid skeleton, so that the linear shrinkage increases. But in the actual production, high silicon carbide is insignificant, linear shrinkage is also less affected in practice found no reason therefore waste generated than the cast iron of carbon equivalent compared with the previous process.

(2) shrinkage. Production of traditional cast iron and high silicon-carbon ratio compared to cast iron, low carbon, but the carbon equivalent was slightly higher, so this cast iron shrinkage was no significant difference. This feature is in production has also been verified.