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Characteristics Of Submersible Pumps Casting Structure

With the continuous improvement of quality submersible pumps, the changing market and new customer requirements for the use of submersible pumps, using traditional technology, diving, water pump castings increasingly difficult to meet the requirements of casting quality. Submersible pump in the cast structure features are as follows.

(1) casting thickness difference is large, such as the impeller and diversion shell, the thinnest at only 2 ~ 3mm, thick at the most up to 25mm or more.

(2) the distribution of more hot spot, there is the casting hardness deviation is too large, white tendency of large, defects and poor workability. Due to poor casting properties, not easy to control the production, for which we test, proposed the use of high silicon carbide instead of the original cast iron smelting process than the traditional method, after many heats verification, fully meet the requirements.