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Effect Of Metal Temperature On Precision Casting

Effect of metal temperature on precision casting
In the precision casting process, especially in the "isometric" process, the metal temperature is a dominant factor, and therefore has a direct impact on many quality characteristics. If the measurement and control are not appropriate, the difference in metal temperature will be the size of the finished castings, grain size, loose (surface and interior), mechanical properties, product quality (ie, the tendency of hot tearing), the filling of the thin-walled parts Have an impact.
Therefore, improved metal temperature measurement and control will improve quality and productivity, reduce maintenance and labor costs, reduce test costs and liability compensation costs.
   precision casting method refers to the use of non-metallic mold, the product size accuracy is higher than the ordinary sand casting casting method, including dewaxing method, gypsum mold and ceramic mold three categories. Here we look at it in detail:
    Dewaxing precision casting: This type of precision casting the maximum length of the length of 700mm, easy to make the length of 200mm or less. Casting the maximum weight of about 100 kg, generally more than 10 kg. Casting the size of the tolerance 20mm ± 0.13mm, 100mm ± 0.30mm, 200mm ± 0.43mm, and small pieces of the dimensional accuracy is not easy to achieve within ± 0.10mm. Angle tolerance of ± 0.5 ~ ± 2.0 degrees, casting the smallest thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.5mm. Casting surface roughness of about Rmax 4S ~ 12S.
    precision casting casting material without any restrictions, such as aluminum, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy, all kinds of steel, cobalt and nickel-based heat-resistant alloys, hard materials, the production of complex shape of the workpiece, good dimensional accuracy, less. Dewaxing precision castings are widely used in jet engines, gas turbines, steam turbines, aircraft parts, internal combustion engines, vehicles, food machinery, printing machinery, paper machinery, compressors, valves, pump, measuring instrument, sewing machine, Transaction machines, and other machine parts.
precision casting may be for some small partners is very strange, but for our precision casting manufacturers are familiar, but because we do the main manufacturers is it, if we need this knowledge can contact our manufacturers, the following is the We manufacturers for the user to determine the precise casting pressure and open mold and fill the time of the method, hoping to give users a certain amount of help.
First, hold time.
The duration of the holding time depends on the material and wall thickness of the precision casting. High melting point, the crystallization temperature range and thick-walled castings, holding pressure to be longer. On the crystallization temperature range of small wall and thin castings, holding time can be shorter. If the holding time is insufficient, it is likely to cause shrinkage. But holding pressure for too long, can not achieve a very large effect, but easily lead to vertical die-casting machine cutting more than expected difficulties.
Second, open mold time.
After the pressure should be open mold out of precision casting products. The time from the end of the injection to the die opening is called the opening time. Enough mold time can make precision casting in the mold will have a certain strength, open mode and the top of the deformation will not produce or crack. Meat open time is too short, then the casting strength is still low when the mold release, casting easy to deformation.
Third, fill the time.
The time required for liquid metal to die from the beginning of the die-casting mold cavity to filling the cavity is called the fill time. The length of the filling time depends on the size and complexity of the precision casting.