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How To Improve The Melting Of Silica Sol Investment Casting

How to improve the melting of silica sol investment casting
    silica sol investment casting industry is now mainly pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, then the silica sol investment casting this aspect of the performance of how much you understand it, the following we see a specific bar:
    1, the use of optimized design and optimization process to improve the production rate of silica sol investment casting. In order to ensure the quality of the silica sol investment casting, changing the pouring system, the use of heating insulation riser can usually increase the export rate, if the export rate from 60% to 70%, can reduce the energy consumption of 14.3%.
    2, the use of high degree of compactness of the molding machine and modern core technology, as far as possible to reduce the quality of casting, reducing the processing margin. Practice has proved that high-pressure modeling and casting quality can be compared with hand-shaped, ordinary machine shape to reduce 3% -5%, processing margin can be maintained at 2-3mm. Reduce the weight not only to make the silica soliring casting workshop
Energy saving, but also reduce the energy consumption of follow-up processing.
 In order to effectively improve the quality of silica sol investment casting products, all production enterprises in the production process more attention to the quality of this step, and continuously improve their own silica sol investment casting product performance and strength, in recent years, in order to improve the silica sol investment casting products The quality of the use of the advantages of the product to continue to expand to enhance the relevant enterprises is also in constant innovation and efforts, today Xiaobian to share for you if the resolution of silica sol investment casting product quality is good or bad?
  First, the easiest and straightforward approach is to observe the method directly to observe the surface of the pores, trachoma, etc. whether there is a wear phenomenon, whether there is crack.
  Second small series to say is the silica sol investment casting products in the production process need to go through high temperature forging, quenching and other operations, regardless of which step will directly affect the quality of late silica sol investment casting products, so pay attention to silica sol investment Whether the product has any serious quality problems such as deformation or missing.
  The final Xiaobian to say is a good reputation of the quality of the manufacturer's products will certainly be better, so the quality of silica sol investment casting products or to blame the reputation of the manufacturer there are technical problems, so in order to buy high-quality The silica sol investment casting products or to the formal manufacturers, the quality will be guaranteed.
  With the continuous development of industrial production industry, silica sol investment casting has also been more and more users of concern, silica sol investment casting the basic working principle is sealed in the container into the dry compressed air, the aluminum liquid in the gas pressure Under the action of the riser along the riser, through the casting gate smoothly into the casting cavity, to maintain the liquid pressure on the aluminum surface until the casting completely solidified, and then lift the pressure on the liquid, the remaining liquid back to the crucible , The solidified aluminum solution forms the required silica solignment casting in the mold. Today Xiaobian to share for everyone is the use of silica sol investment casting What are the characteristics?
   1, silica sol investment casting process yield is high, silica sol investment casting casting system is simple, and can reduce or save the riser.
   2, silica sol welding casting of aluminum liquid is under the action of pressure solidification, flow of students increased, is conducive to obtain a clear outline of the casting.
   3, silica sol investment casting equipment is relatively simple than the die casting machine, less investment, easy to achieve mechanization, automation.
   4, silica sol casting casting under the action of pressure coagulation, fill more fully, so casting compact, high mechanical properties.
   5, silica sol investment casting filling smooth, filling speed can be silica sol welding casting structure, casting materials and other factors to control, to avoid the aluminum flow on the cavity and core scour and volume.