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How To Prevent The Phenomenon Of Cracks In Machinery Casting Part?

How to prevent the phenomenon of cracks in Machinery Casting Part?
    In fact, the Machinery Casting Part in the latter part of the basic process of the phenomenon of cracks can be said to be a common phenomenon, but the emergence of cracks will not only affect the use of Machinery Casting Part, while the impact of Machinery Casting Part cost and quality, then in the How can we prevent the phenomenon of cracks in Machinery Casting Parts in our lives?
   In the Machinery Casting Part machinery castings pay attention to improve the sand and sand core of the concession. In the production process to strictly control the charge and molten steel in the P, S content. Machinery Casting Part wall thickness as much as possible to avoid a sudden change in wall thickness, if the conditions permit, then you can set the time to strengthen the ribs, cross-section of the two sections as far as possible using rounded corners to minimize stress concentration. Pay attention to adjust the cooling rate of various parts of the Machinery Casting Part, to avoid the local overheating of steel parts, in the thick section or hot section placed cold iron, the appropriate dispersion of the inside of the runner, so you can ensure that the various parts of the mechanical temperature trend of heat evenly. Casting after pouring attention to open type can not be premature, it is best to use the water blast sand casting process, in the process of attention to master the time and temperature.
    Affected by the national policy, and now a lot of Machinery Casting Part plant industrial structure are in the energy-saving environmental protection on the change, then the Machinery Casting Part of energy-saving production which have to pay attention to it, the following summary of a total of six points:
    1, the use of optimized design and optimization process to improve the Machinery Casting Part process rate. In the premise of ensuring the quality of Machinery Casting Part, change the pouring system, the use of heat insulation riser can usually increase the export rate, if the export rate from 60% to 70%, can reduce the energy consumption of 14.3%.
    2, the use of high degree of compactness of the molding machine and modern core technology, as far as possible to reduce the quality of casting, reducing the processing margin. Practice has proved that high-pressure modeling and casting quality can be compared with hand-shaped, ordinary machine shape to reduce 3% -5%, processing margin can be maintained at 2-3mm. Reducing the weight not only makes the energy saving of the Machinery Casting Part shop, but also reduces the energy consumption of subsequent processing.
    3, the use of energy-saving process, a reasonable organization of production. Such as: the use of self-hardening resin sand or surface dry alternative clay sand drying, saving drying mold energy consumption; strict ingredients to determine the appropriate composition of Machinery Casting Part, to take an effective breeding program, in the cast to eliminate castings Of the white or hard to cancel the graphitization of the annealing process; to promote cast cast ductile iron, the required elongation at break below 12% should be obtained under the as-cast; as far as possible the use of frequency harmonic harmonic vibration process, remove the stress reduction Thermal aging process.
    4, saving materials, efforts to reuse. Because the production of any material needs energy.
    5, Machinery Casting Part enterprises large-scale production, that is, each machine casting unit production in more than 5000t. Because the enterprise production is large, the furnace working time is long, the furnace itself, the heating energy consumption per square meter per ton of Machinery Casting Parts can be greatly reduced.
    6, improve the management level, reduce the scrap rate. For example, an annual output of 5000t Machinery Casting Part plant, the rejection rate of 1% per drop, it is equivalent to the production of 50t Machinery Casting Parts, according to energy per ton 400kgee calculation, a year can save 20t standard coal, that is, per ton of Machinery Casting Parts reduced 4kgee energy consumption.
 Because of the different purpose of Machinery Casting Part, heat treatment is very much, the basic can be divided into two categories, the first is the organizational structure will not change through heat treatment or should not be changed, the second is the basic organizational structure changes. The first heat treatment procedure is mainly used to eliminate the internal stress, which is caused by the different cooling conditions and conditions in the process of stainless steel casting. Organization, strength and other mechanical properties, not due to heat treatment and significant changes.
For the second type of heat treatment and the main base organizations have undergone significant changes can be broadly divided into five categories:
1, softening annealing: its main purpose is to break down the carbide, its hardness is reduced, and improve the processing performance, for ductile iron, the purpose is to get more ferrite.
2, normalizing treatment: the main purpose is to obtain pearlite and sorbite to improve the mechanical properties of stainless steel castings.
3, quenching: mainly in order to obtain a higher hardness or wear strength, while the very high surface wear characteristics.