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Precision Casting Industry After Nearly A Decade Of Development

precision casting industry after nearly a decade of development, we have a lot of precision foundry enterprises. The precision foundry is a high energy consumption, heavy pollution of the enterprise. However, in Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions, and even some precision casting enterprises are located in the residential area, of course, this is because of foreign precision casting industry technology has been greatly improved, the environmental pollution Has also been reduced to a minimum.
Jinzhou New District Green precision casting Industrial Park for enterprises to build a public platform to seek the maximum reduction of pollution and resource utilization to maximize the realization of the traditional industry, "green revolution" for the precision casting industry in Dalian brought the development of " newborn".
Jinzhou New District Green precision casting Park planning and construction, causing national research institutes and domestic and foreign investors generally concerned about, bring us an important revelation is that the development of the economy in particular the need to emancipate the mind, bold innovation, the so-called "sunrise industry" "Sunset industry" is not immutable.
It is the modern logistics and Internet technology on the traditional business of a thorough transformation, rewriting the history of the development of commercial retail. As long as we take the initiative to absorb foreign advanced experience on the basis of full use of the advantages of late, long-term adherence to the concept of innovation, technological innovation, it is possible to achieve "corner overtaking" to win new development space.
Hoping to appear more and more like green precision casting garden such economic development and innovation initiatives, led to lead the industry development, the formation of Dalian's new economic growth point, enhance the international competitiveness of Dalian economy. And only our technical innovation, in order to ensure that precision foundry enterprises to minimize the pollution.
One of the materials in the precision casting process is indispensable for the production of precision castings. The name of this material is called release agent. Then the precision foundry often face the quality of precision casting quality problems, such as precision castings in the air bubbles, stomata, inclusions and sticky mold and other issues, in fact, these problems are related to the choice of release agent
1, precision casting water-based release agent characteristics
The use of refined oil and a variety of additives made by emulsifying water-based release agent.
High-quality precision casting release agent mostly from l5-25 kinds of raw materials from the preparation of which the key components or additives if the change of 1%, the mold release characteristics may be very different. The cost and price will bring greater changes. Each type of precision casting mold release agent has its best application and object, if the wrong object, and then high-quality products can not play its effectiveness.
High-quality release agent can not only play a role in lubrication at high temperatures, while avoiding the metal liquid on the cavity surface erosion effect, improve the working conditions of the mold, to prevent sticky mold, reduce the mold thermal conductivity and mold temperature. The temperature of each part of the mold is adjusted to be relatively stable, so as to improve the moldability. The formed film can reduce the friction and wear between the casting and the mold cavity, especially the core, and prolong the life of the mold.
2, precision casting release agent selection and the relationship between the quality of die casting
The difference between the composition and the content of the water-based release agent, the initial temperature at which the precision casting active ingredient begins to adhere to the surface of the mold, i.e., the viscosity temperature is different, that is, the starting temperature of the effective film is actually different. Practice shows that: mold release agent model, concentration, mold temperature, spraying methods and the number of direct impact on the quality of casting, the specific performance is as follows,
① atomization is not good or uneven dispersion, the vaporization time is extended, filling the formation of high vapor pressure caused by film loose.
② the film is too thick, the film is slow, the solution flow marks, resulting in rolling and surface wrinkles deposition.