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Precision Casting Industry Needs Innovation

precision casting industry needs innovation
precision casting industry after nearly a decade of development, we have a lot of precision foundry enterprises. The precision foundry is a high energy consumption, heavy pollution of the enterprise. However, in Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions, and even some precision casting enterprises are located in the residential area, of course, this is because of foreign precision casting industry technology has been greatly improved, the environmental pollution Has also been reduced to a minimum.
It is the modern logistics and Internet technology on the traditional business of a thorough transformation, rewriting the history of the development of commercial retail. As long as we take the initiative to absorb foreign advanced experience on the basis of full use of the advantages of late, long-term adherence to the concept of innovation, technological innovation, it is possible to achieve "corner overtaking" to win new development space.
Hoping to appear more and more like green precision casting garden such economic development and innovation initiatives, led to lead the industry development, the formation of Dalian's new economic growth point, enhance the international competitiveness of Dalian economy. And only our technical innovation, in order to ensure that precision foundry enterprises to minimize the pollution.
precision casting is the world leader in the casting industry, as the casting industry in the field of high-tech representatives, precision casting must play its exemplary role and take the lead, but the precision casting to play these two roles is the premise of its own strong, so our country Precise casting should be prioritized, and development requires established goals and development goals.
Although China's foundry industry development in a more difficult period, but from a long-term point of view, China's precision casting industry development or have some hope that the market demand has slowly begun to pick up, and with China's foundry industry Development has a solid strength, I believe that China's foundry industry will certainly achieve gratifying results.
In the precision casting process, especially in the "isometric" process, the metal temperature is a dominant factor, and therefore has a direct impact on many quality characteristics. If the measurement and control are improper, the difference in metal temperature will affect the size of the finished castings, grain size, loose (surface and interior), mechanical properties, product quality (ie, tendency of hot tearing), fullness of thin-walled parts Have an impact.
Therefore, improved metal temperature measurement and control will improve quality and productivity, reduce maintenance and labor costs, reduce test costs and liability compensation costs.
Precision cast steel process is widely used in industry, precision casting of steel can achieve high accuracy, so the casting can be less processing or no cutting. This method is similar to the sand casting, that is, in the metal casting, solidification after the destruction of mold casting out. In the process of precision casting of steel, we can use a lot of methods, but in the choice of time is based on the use of the environment and the use of materials to choose. In general, precision machining of steel processing to meet certain processing conditions, equipment to force can. Precise casting high speed condensing method. Method of increasing the rate of directional solidification. Unlike the PD method, the insulation baffle is installed only in the lower part of the induction heating body, and a shell is provided under the water-cooled chassis so that the rear shell is gradually moved down with the cooling base. The use of precision cast steel in this way is a lot of benefits, which can increase the speed of processing, to a certain extent, improve work efficiency. The heat insulation is blocked by the radiant heat of the inductive body, so that the solidification zone in the shell is in the hot zone, and the solidification zone of the shell removal part is in the cold zone. The heat flow is removed by the water cooling plate, The temperature gradient G of the alloy solidification interface is 2 times higher than that of the general PD method, and the R value is nearly 4 times higher than that of the normal PD method. The casting quality and the production efficiency are significantly improved.