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Precision Casting Is A Process Of Obtaining Precision Casting Workpiece

precision casting is a process of obtaining precision casting workpiece

Now in precision casting and CAD computer technology collaboration such as machining, precision of processed parts will be higher, and particularly is a lot of industries are made in favour of precision machining parts, precision casting in the future will be, therefore, is a very star industry.

precision casting is a precision casting workpiece process, process modelling method is very precise and common investment casting, precision casting process are ceramic mold casting, metal mold casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting, etc. It is widely used in mold casting, which is also called lost wax casting. Not all material handling processes require surface treatment, and these processes must be needed for the processing of these processes. Precision manufacturing process, the structure of precision casting, precision casting material, moulding, shell making, roasting, pouring are likely to affect the precision of the precision casting, including the size of the precision casting, shrinkage and so on.

precision casting and lost wax casting, its products are precision, complex, close to the final shape, can not machining or rarely used directly, so the investment casting is an advanced technology of formed near net shape.

The development of precision casting industry in our country is not very perfect, machining precision parts and precision of the demand of precision casting in our country is indeed very big, the so-called there is demand is market, believe that in the next few years, the development of precision casting industry will usher in a rush hour. It has a promising future.

Casting, precision casting foundry and ever after this way processing is the part of the later parts can be used directly, can do almost don't have to carry on the processing can be used directly. precision casting is the most advanced technology in casting industry. It can not only process traditional cast iron casting materials, but also can be easily dealt with various alloys that are very high temperature resistant.

Ancient Chinese: wang ziwu ding, copper ban, copper lion and so on, are the masterpieces of molten mold casting. The melting mold was used in industrial production in the 1940s and has been developing at a faster pace for half a century. In particular, European and American countries have developed rapidly. Department of investment casting used in aviation, weapons, is applied to almost all industrial sectors, particularly in the electronics, petroleum, chemical, energy, transportation, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, pump and valve etc. In recent years our country has developed rapidly.

Casting technology development makes the investment casting can not only produce small precision casting, and can produce large precision casting, the biggest revestment precision casting nearly 2 m size, the outline of the minimum wall thickness is less than 2 mm. Revestment precision casting is more precision at the same time, in addition to the linear tolerance, parts also can achieve higher geometric tolerances. Revestment precision casting surface roughness is becoming more and more small, can achieve Ra0.4 microns.

precision casting, cooling, shakeout in doubt, cleaning, heat treatment, weld repairs, handling and machining process, the structure of the stainless steel precision casting or improper handling technology, under the effect of temperature, external and internal stress, the deformation will happen, in precision casting shape and size does not accord with pattern. Thin and irregular stent precision casting and shrinkage of stainless steel precision casting, deformation is especially serious.

Correction methods include free correction and die correction, cold correction and thermal correction.

1. Free correction and mold correction

The free correction is to place stainless steel precision casting on a flat or dedicated simple tire mould, hammer with a hammer until the size and shape meet the requirements. For small and medium sized pieces. Large precision casting is generally corrected on designated corrective devices. Before correction should master the deformation law of precision casting, equipped with necessary and correction precision casting part geometry shape and size appropriate to the correct mold, mold correction is put precision casting in molding mold (general upper and lower die), and the pressure of the selected straightening machine using the selected for whole correction precision casting. As a whole, it is usually used to load or remove the correct mold with lifting equipment or manipulator. Integral correction with correct mould need to be specially designed and manufactured, high accuracy, suitable for a large number of assembly line production, the production efficiency is high, the labor intensity is small, after correction precision casting size deviation is small.