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Pump Casting Related Problems In The Design And Improvement

The same type of pump castings due to the different use of the environment, require the use of different materials, is formed with a drawing, using alloys of different realities.

Improved hairs:

① product designers should learn more about the properties of various materials casting process, efforts to improve product design quality.

② the same type of pump, if the choice of casting different materials, should consider the different casting structure and wall thickness.

③ When supplier orders to best provide rough diagram rather than part drawing. This also can limit the casting Suppliers, for their own interests at any thicker heavier castings. It should require suppliers to provide a small amount of processing, precise size, good quality metallurgical quality castings.

④ with a drawing, different materials, wood mold should be manufactured separately, can not make do with a wooden mold, different materials, different scales, run water system is completely different.