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Pump Castings External Auxiliary Molding Method

With the development of science and technology and production of pump castings forming technology put forward higher demands to be able to produce more accurate, better performance, lower cost castings. To meet these requirements, casting research workers introduced many new cast molding method, in terms of molding material and molding method, liquid metal filling forms and subsequent condensation conditions with ordinary sand casting has a significant difference between these casting methods are special molding method is called casting. Various special cast molding method has its own characteristics.

Special casting molding method commonly used are: investment casting, ceramic casting, plaster casting, lost foam casting, metal casting, graphite casting, electroslag casting, shell casting, (semi) continuous casting, pressure casting, low pressure casting, pressure casting, squeeze casting, centrifugal casting, vacuum casting and electromagnetic casting. The book is described after the seven kinds of special cast molding method, their common feature is in addition to the gravity castings were carried out in some kind of outside help liquid metal filling, solidification forming, collectively known as the casting method for forming an auxiliary force . Currently, the use of such castings forming technology increasingly widespread, casting production is increasing. Because of its unique advantages in the production plays an increasingly important role.