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Rare Earth Vermicular Iron Material In The Casting Of Large Pumps

(1) When the test specimen triangle vermicularizing processing

After completed, the small end of the package depth below 200mm inner surface ladle sampling, pouring triangular test piece, to be triangular test piece was cooled to dark red water quenched immediately interrupted sectional view. Good creep creep of iron most notable feature is a relatively minor sides collapsed, the fracture was silver, a small pitting uniform distribution. If both sides of the triangular test piece without collapsed, indicating vermicularizing bad or failed. This time to additional creep agent and inoculant, reprocessed. Then check before casting casting after passing. This process must be rapid. But the specimen furnace inspection is not the only method with a triangular, because the fracture condition and high and low temperature quenching test piece related to the triangular test piece is too small, the wall thickness is also relevant.

(2) surface characteristics: good creep processing iron, its pattern shape of sheet plus a small bun sheet (see Figure -a); deal with bad creep iron, its pattern shape small strips plus irregular portion sheet (Fig -b), treatment of excessive creep iron, its dense pattern shape of the pellet plus a small amount of fine flake (Fig -c). When the temperature rises above pattern characteristic becomes small, and there is now a greater time off phenomenon. However, this method must test strip and triangular co-discrimination, is desirable.