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The Auto Casting Part Industry Is Becoming More And More Competitive

The Auto Casting Part industry is becoming more and more competitive

Because the use of car castings is quite extensive, there is a huge demand in many industries. Because there are so many market demand, therefore, the number of Auto Casting Parts manufacturers will become more and more, competition growing, Auto Casting Parts industry becomes more and more fierce competition.

Auto Casting Parts as a very important metal piece, its function is very large. Its application surface is not only wide, the demand is also the rapid increment each year. In the face of competition from domestic industry, excellent enterprises win more stable market with constant innovation and precise production technology. In the face of foreign markets, although there is still a gap in our Auto Casting Parts, China's auto castings industry has not stopped, and has been working hard, although there is a gap, the demand of the market is overwhelming. The Auto Casting Part industry of our country still has very big development space

Should speed oh auto casting enterprise has from time to time, actively adjust the industrial structure, expanding product applications, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign competitors, the good and discard the dregs, walk steadily growing competition in the torrent.

Inspection procedures for heat treatment of Auto Casting Parts

Considering valve casting is complex, Auto Casting Part easy to deform and crack, auto castings are usually annealed.

The inspection shall be conducted to monitor whether the supplier shall conduct the following heat treatment specifications and to verify the hardness of the castings.

1. Pay attention to the heat treatment of Auto Casting Parts

1.1 temperature up to 650 ℃ ~ 800 ℃, is slowly rising

Because in the process of heating, especially complex shape of Auto Casting Parts, when the temperature up to 650 ℃ ~ 800 ℃, should slow heating, or under the temperature of heat preservation for a period of time. Because of the phase change in the temperature range of carbon steel, with volume change, the phase transformation stress, if rapid heating up, easy to make casting thin wall parts with thick wall and temperature difference between surface and central layers increase, so as to increase the thermal stress of castings, easy to cause the casting crack.

1.2 whether the heat preservation time is sufficient

In order to keep the temperature consistent inside and outside the casting, and enough time to make the organization completely change, the heat preservation time of the thick wall casting is longer than that of thin-walled castings.

1.3 Auto Casting Part when the Auto Casting Parts annealed, it usually cools with the furnace.

Inspection procedure for heat treatment of castings in the body

Solid melt treatment and stabilization are usually used in the heat treatment of castings.

It is emphasized that the supplier shall follow the following heat treatment specifications.

1. Solid melting treatment of body stainless steel

Solid carbide of melt treatment is designed to make the steel completely melted and single-phase organization, the casting method is be heated to 950 ℃ ~ 1175 ℃, appropriate USES low-temperature preheating first heating way, to accelerate the heat to the solid melt temperature of the process, in order to reduce Auto Casting Parts surface and the core in the process of heating temperature, the solid melting heat preservation time depends on the car casting wall thickness, average per mm insulation wall thickness 2.5 ~ 3 min, guarantee each section of the casting heat through it all, solid melting insulation after quenching in water, Auto Casting Part oil or air, and is commonly used with water, air cooling is only applicable to thin wall castings.

Auto casting stabilization

Phenomenon of sensitization to prevent car castings, Auto Casting Part titanium, niobium is added in the steel alloying elements, such as solid fusion processing, again for stabilizing treatment, namely the casting to be heated to 850 ℃ ~ 930 ℃, after heat preservation, to the carbon steel fully form stable with titanium, niobium carbide.