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The Cause Of The Stomata Lost Wax Casting

The cause of the stomata lost wax casting
Stomata is one of the common missing wax casting defects, the stomata is the precision lost wax casting individual position appears smooth hole defect. The stomata are usually found after machining. lost wax casting technical staff combined with years of experience in the workshop, the lost wax casting in the cause of the stomata and prevention methods are summarized as follows:
First, the formation of reasons:
1. Most of the cases of stomata is mainly because the lost wax casting type shell is not fully roasted, pouring molten steel when the shell instantly produce a large number of gases can not be successfully discharged, and then into the metal liquid to form pores;
2. Because of the shelling process or shell material reasons, shell permeability is too bad, the cavity is difficult to discharge the gas into the metal liquid to form pores;
3. The air that is involved in the molten steel when pouring is not discharged and the resulting lost wax casting pores.
Second, the prevention method
1. Set the vent at the highest point of the complex running wax casting where the lost wax casting conditions permit.
2. In the design of pouring system, to fully take into account the shell exhaust demand.
3. Shell firing temperature, time should be reasonable, the insulation time should be sufficient.
4. Dewaxing wax material should be completely ruled out.
5. Properly reduce the pouring mouth to the gate cup distance, lost wax casting pouring the speed to be uniform, to ensure that the steel filled with smooth cavity, as little as possible into the molten steel in the air, so that the cavity and the molten steel can be successfully discharged.
In a reasonable way to improve the quality of lost wax casting equipment under the premise of improving the production efficiency of enterprises to enhance the development of the actual development capability, combined with the use of products and the ability to dominate, to fully enhance the quality advantage, improve its Value of the strength of the performance process to the use of reliable product capacity to enhance its value advantage to enhance the role of reliable products to enhance the use of its overall level of play to play, the use of its quality strength of the continuous advance to further accelerate its product performance Growing.
lost equipment is a kind of equipment in the market, the competitiveness of the product is further improved, and the practical performance of the product has been further improved. Under the reasonable effect of realizing the superiority of its products, it is necessary to use the product value to improve its product performance The use of reliable products to use performance, and constantly enhance its practical advantages of the overall upgrade to fully promote the product strength, enhance its practical value of a reasonable upgrade, which reflects the performance advantages of the product.
In the use of lost wax casting equipment to improve the quality of the use of high-quality products to enhance its overall use of the strength of the play, combined with the advantages of its product value to reflect the use of reliable product capacity to further promote its product strength Reflect, improve the overall ability of its continuous development.
In order to meet the needs of China's economic construction, but also for the lost radiation casting technology industry's own existence and development of China's lost wax casting technology industry should improve the quality and economic benefits of lost wax casting as the center, for domestic and international markets; Management, lay the foundation, improve the quality of enterprises; adjust lost wax casting technology industry structure, rational allocation of resources to promote appropriate scale of operation; continue to apply advanced production technology and technical equipment transformation lost wax casting technology industry, to achieve clean production, sustainable development. The current world of industrial developed countries lost radiation casting technology is summed up roughly four goals.