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The Characteristics And Principles Of Surface Defects In Machinery Casting Part Inspection

The Characteristics and Principles of Surface Defects in Machinery Casting Part Inspection
The penetration test is a method of inspecting the surface defects of the Machinery Casting Part. Its features are: can be used for the detection of magnetizable metal Machinery Casting Part, but also for the non-magnetizable metal (such as austenitic alloy steel) Machinery Casting Part detection.
The principle is that the permeate is placed on the surface of the cleaned workpiece and the penetrant penetrates the crack at the surface of the Machinery Casting Part; and then the excess penetrant is removed and a thin layer of the developer or fluorescent substance is applied; Under the action of the capillary, the penetrant in the cracks is sucked out. If a developer is used, a certain color is displayed under the light, such as a red dye, and the defect is red. If a fluorescent substance is added, it is bright yellowish green under ultraviolet light.
Compared with the two, the addition of fluorescent substances to the fluorescence method is easy to observe the defects of the machine Casting Part surface, in the dark field, can be observed 0.01mm gauge holes, or width of 0.01mm cracks, the sensitivity is higher than the color law. However, the coloring method using the imaging agent is simple and requires no power supply and strong adaptability.
Valves for the penetration of the steel castings. As the fluorescent camera can not take pictures with the general camera, so in the defect of the Machinery Casting Part, with a marker stroke on the color. There is a marker in the photo, which is the defect of the Machinery Casting Part.
There are inherent defects in the Machinery Casting Part, when used in the equipment, will bring unpredictable production risks, not only will shorten the service life, there will be security incidents.
Production of Enterprise Casting Part of the enterprise, its business goal is to achieve the maximum profit. To this end, in the production process, as much as possible to improve the yield of Machinery Casting Part. The yield of the Machinery Casting Part is the percentage of the total weight of the qualified Machinery Casting Part and the total weight of the charged metal charge.
In order to reduce the shortage of Machinery Casting Part and improve the yield of Machinery Casting Part, it is necessary to effectively control the Machinery Casting Part defects. The accurate judgment of the defect is a prerequisite for solving the problem of the Machinery Casting Part. Therefore, it is necessary for the foundry to understand the various means of the defect, including general and special means of analysis, to determine the type of defects, analyze the causes, and then put forward preventive measures, and from the technical and management to be implemented.
Analysis and research on the defect of Machinery Casting Part is one of the key technologies to improve the yield of Machinery Casting Part. However, its difficulty is not small. Mainly in: ① involved in a wide range of knowledge, such as alloy, casting process, modeling materials, casting equipment and production process testing and other aspects of knowledge. ②Machinery Casting Part The cause of the formation of defects, a defect can be caused by a variety of reasons, and one cause may cause several defects. (3) the technical measures of the constraints, such as the use of a measure. To prevent a certain type of defect, but may lead to another defect. ④ influencing factors difficult to control, such as raw material quality, air temperature and humidity.
It is noteworthy that, despite the same type of defects, but for the different casting alloy Machinery Casting Part, its formation and prevention measures are different. For example, with the iron-carbon alloy, with the emergence of shrinkage larvae L defects, the cast steel, the use of riser, cold iron to prevent shrinkage defects; and large thick-walled ductile iron, you can use The solidification process produces graphite expansion, while the use of no riser casting to eliminate shrinkage defects. Therefore, the specific circumstances for specific analysis. In order to deepen the understanding of the defects of the Machinery Casting Part, it may be helpful to analyze the typical cases of some of the Machinery Casting Part defects.