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The Influence Of The Structure Of Medical Casting Part

The Influence of the Structure of Medical Casting Part
Medical device Casting is a metal forming article obtained by various casting methods, that is, the smelting of liquid metal, with casting, injection, suction or other casting method into the pre-prepared mold, after cooling, etc. Of objects with a certain shape, size and performance.
   Ray detection, generally used X-ray or γ-ray as a radiation source, so the need for radiation equipment and other ancillary facilities, when the workpiece placed in the radiation field irradiation, the radiation intensity of radiation will be affected by the internal defects of medical equipment castings. The radiation intensity emitted through the medical device casting has a local change with the size and nature of the defect, forming a defective radiographic image, recording by radiographic film, or by real-time detection by a phosphor screen, or by a radiation counter Detection.
   The method of recording by radiography is the most commonly used method, which is commonly referred to as radiographic detection. The defective image reflected by the radiography is intuitive, and the defect shape, size, number, plane position and distribution range are Can be presented, but the depth of defects generally can not be reflected, the need to take special measures and calculations to determine. The international application of the application of radiation tomography method, because the equipment is more expensive, the use of high cost, can not be popular, but this new technology represents the future development of high-definition ray detection technology. In addition, a micro-focus X-ray system using an approximate point source can actually eliminate the blurring edges produced by larger focus devices, making the image outline clear. The use of digital image system can improve the image signal to noise ratio, to further improve image clarity.
The impact of medical device casting structure can be divided into: wall thickness of medical equipment castings and the formation of medical equipment castings. Let us look at the following specific impact.
The thickness of the Medical Casting Part in the same surface area under the same conditions, thick-walled medical equipment castings than thin-walled Medical Casting Part contain more calories, when the solidification layer gradually to the center of the propulsion, the mold must be heated to a higher temperature The The greater the thickness of the Medical Casting Part, the smaller the temperature gradient of the Medical Casting Part.
The formation of medical equipment castings of the corners of the casting and the surface of the heat dissipation is different from the plane, in the medical device casting surface area under the same conditions, convex and medical equipment, the outer corner of the casting, corresponding to the gradual lending of the casting volume, The heat is absorbed by the larger volume of the mold, so the cooling rate of the convex and outer corners of the Medical Casting Part is faster than the plane; conversely, the concave and concave angles correspond to the volume of the gradual shrinkage, so the cooling rate is not flat To be small.
Medical equipment Casting wall L-shaped turning and T-shaped junction at different times of the solid phase line. It can be seen that the cooling rate at the outer corner is about three times that of the plane: the cooling rate of the inner corner is the slowest, where the crust is the lowest and the strength is the lowest. Therefore, when the medical device casting line contraction blocked, the most likely to produce a warm corner.
The angle of the angle to the rounded corner, due to avoid the sand tip heat flow serious cross, so the angle of the corner of the medical device casting cooling faster than the right angle, the production often take appropriate to increase the radius of the method to prevent hot cracking The If a part of a medical device cast has to be made at right angles, take measures to accelerate the solidification here.