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This Paper Briefly Introduces The Factors That Influence The Precision Of Machinery Casting Part

This paper briefly introduces the factors that influence the precision of Machinery Casting Part

Machinery Casting Part refers to the use of sophisticated modeling methods to produce workpieces, which we call precision casting. Machinery Casting Parts can also be called lost wax casting, which are made from this process, which are very sophisticated and complex parts. And it's a part that's very rarely needed for processing, so it's a very new process. Nowadays, in industrial production and manufacturing, this process is widely used, such as auto parts, railway locomotive accessories and valves, many of which are made from Machinery Casting Parts. Do you know what factors affect the accuracy of Machinery Casting Part?

(1) impact of the artifact itself; The structure of the workpiece is different, and the thickness of these workpieces is one of the main factors that influence the precision of Machinery Casting Part.

(2) the material of the workpiece; Since the shrinkage rate of different materials is different, generally it is about carbon content, and the lower the carbon content, the greater the shrinkage rate.

(3) the temperature of the casting is one of the main factors influencing the mechanical precision casting, because the higher the temperature, the expansion of the material becomes more severe, so when pouring, need to choose the appropriate pouring temperature.

Is frequently used in foundry industry machinery casting foundry method, this method has a specific use environment, mainly for some high precision, good mechanical properties of casting process, other casting method can not satisfy this, so for machinery casting, as we all know the characteristics and advantages of it?

1. The requirements for the dimensions of the castings are higher, which can greatly reduce the machining allowance of the casting, and can reduce the production cost.

2. It is also suitable for castings that are more complex in shape, and so are castings that are difficult to process in other ways.

3. There are no restrictions on alloy materials, and Machinery Casting Parts can be used for alloy materials such as hard forging and welding.

4. The production flexibility of Machinery Casting Parts is high and the applicability is strong, which can realize mass production, and can also be used in small batches or single parts production.

The floorboard of the Machinery Casting Part refers to a process, it refers to the use of sophisticated modelling method for precise casting technology, through Machinery Casting Part can obtain a lot of castings, such as: hardware accessories, auto parts, motorcycle accessories and all kinds of valves, etc., thus a kind of technology is very important in industry now. Then, when making Machinery Casting Parts, we need to pay attention to which factors may affect the precision of Machinery Casting Part dimensions?

In the first place, the structure of the casting is a very important factor. The thicker the wall of the general casting, the larger the shrinkage rate, and the smaller the contraction ratio.

The material of casting also affects the intensive reading of Machinery Casting Parts. The higher the carbon content in the general material, the smaller the line shrinkage and the greater the shrinkage of the line.

The model has a great influence on the shrinkage rate of the casting. The temperature and pressure of the ejection wax and the time of pressure protection are very large.

The shell is also a very important factor. It is usually used in zirconium sand, zirconium and English powder, shangdian sand, shangdian powder and so on, because their expansion coefficient is very small;

The temperature of casting is also very important. The higher the temperature of casting, the greater the shrinkage rate, so it is necessary to control the casting temperature.