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What Are The Characteristics And Advantages Of Silica Sol Investment Casting

What are the characteristics and advantages of silica sol investment casting
    silica sol investment casting is often used in the casting industry casting method, this method has a specific use of the environment, mainly for some high precision, better mechanical properties of the casting process, the other casting method can not meet this, then for the melting Mold casting, we all know its characteristics and advantages?
    1, for the casting of the dimensional accuracy of the higher requirements, can greatly reduce the casting allowance, and can reduce production costs.
    2, for the casting shape of the more complex casting the same applies, with other methods difficult to process the casting is the same.
    3, there is no restrictions on the alloy material, for difficult forging, welding and other alloy materials can also be used for silica sol investment casting.
    4, silica sol investment casting production flexibility is high, applicability is strong, can achieve large quantities of production, can also be used for small batch or single production.
Due to the trend of the best development of the silica sol investment casting industry, it has been developed steadily in the market. In order to better develop the silica sol investment casting, the following is a brief introduction of the silica sol investment casting industry in the future development of the target , Which mainly includes the following aspects:
    First of all, the silica sol investment casting industry in the development, to be able to complete its growth in the way of labor and resource-intensive into a technology-intensive, to a certain extent, improve product quality, variety, etc., and access to economic environment double benefit The development of harmony with the environment can be developed.
    Secondly, to be able to form a reasonable structure. The overall level of high R & D and training base, and can continue to the enterprise transport professional and technical personnel, which can continue to produce high-quality products.
    Finally, to be able to complete the adjustment of industrial structure, can completely abandon the technology is low, poor product quality, more serious pollution and other issues, to better achieve the rapid development of industry and the environment of the harmonious development of harmony.
silica sol investment casting is also called lost wax casting, its products are sophisticated, complex, close to the final shape of the parts, can be processed or rarely processed directly on the use of silica sol investment casting is a nearly net shape of the advanced process.
Ancient China: Prince Wu Ding, copper ban, bronze lions, etc., are silica sol investment casting masterpiece. Since the 20th century, 40 years of silica sol investment casting for industrial production, half a century has been developed at a faster rate. Especially in Europe and the United States to develop rapidly. Casting for the aviation, weapons sector, almost used in all industrial sectors, especially electronics, petroleum, chemical, energy, transportation, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, pumps and valves and other departments. In recent years, China has developed rapidly.
The development of silica sol investment casting technology makes the silica sol investment casting not only produce small castings, but also can produce larger castings. The largest size of castings is nearly 2m, while the minimum wall thickness is less than 2mm. At the same time the silica sol investment casting is also more sophisticated, in addition to linear tolerance, the parts can achieve high geometric tolerances. The surface roughness of the silica sol investment casting is also getting smaller and higher, reaching Ra0.4μm.