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What Factors Can Affect The Precision Of Precision Casting Dimensions

What factors can affect the precision of precision casting dimensions
    precision casting refers to the general term of a process, which refers to the use of sophisticated modeling methods to obtain accurate casting process, through precision casting can get a lot of castings, such as: hardware accessories, auto parts, motorcycle parts and a variety of valves And so on, so it is now a very important industry in a process. So when doing precision casting, we need to pay attention to what factors may affect the accuracy of precision casting size?
    ① the first is the casting structure is a very important factor, the general casting wall thicker, the greater the shrinkage, on the contrary the smaller;
    ② casting material will also affect the precision casting of intensive reading, the general material in the higher carbon content, the smaller the line shrinkage, the opposite the greater the line shrinkage;
    ③ mold for the shrinkage of castings also have a great impact, the general temperature and pressure of wax and pressure holding time for the size of the impact are very large;
    ④ shell is also a very important factor, usually using zircon sand, zircon powder, on the shop sand, shop powder, etc., because their expansion coefficient is very small;
    ⑤ casting temperature is also a very important factor, the higher the temperature cast, the greater its shrinkage, so the need to control the casting temperature.
 precision casting industry in China's development is not perfect, machining precision parts and precision casting in China's demand is indeed very large, the so-called demand is the market, I believe in the next few years, precision casting industry will usher in a development The peak period. Its development prospects should not be overlooked.
    precision casting Casting and the previous casting is different, this way after the processing of parts is basically can be used directly after the parts, almost can be done without further processing can be used directly. precision casting is currently the most advanced technology in the foundry industry. It can not only processing the traditional cast iron casting materials, for those who are very high temperature resistance of the various alloys can also be easily handled.
    Now precision casting has been in CAD and other computer technology for machining, so that after processing parts of the precision will be higher, and especially rare is that many industries are more sophisticated manufacturing precision parts, so in the future precision casting will be A very star industry.
  precision casting refers to the use of sophisticated modeling methods to produce the workpiece, produced by the workpiece we call the casting. precision casting can also be called lost wax casting, the use of this process to create the workpiece, are very sophisticated parts; and this part is rarely need to follow-up processing, you can directly use the parts, so this is a Very new production process. Today, in industrial production and manufacturing, this process is very widely used, such as auto parts, railway locomotive parts and valves, etc., many are made using precision casting out. So what do you know about the factors that affect precision casting precision?
    (1) the impact of the workpiece itself; usually use precision casting made of the workpiece shape structure is different, the thickness of the workpiece wall is the impact of precision casting one of the main factors.
    (2) the material of the workpiece; because the shrinkage of different materials is different, are generally related to carbon content, the lower the carbon content of the material, the greater the shrinkage.
    (3) casting temperature is also one of the main factors affecting the precision of precision casting, because the higher the temperature, the more the material expansion, so when pouring, you need to choose the appropriate pouring temperature.